Chandana Nalin Cooray

Micro Loan Management System(MLMS)

MLMS is a web-based Loan Servicing Software for evaluating borrowers, decision-making support, and online-lending process automation. The platform covers all stages of entire lending life cycle including borrower management: origination, underwriting, collateral, servicing, collection and reporting. MLMS offers a unique adjustable set of proprietary credit decision rules and scoring methods coupled with automated disbursements, repayments, credit bureau requests etc.

Sasaviya Investment,
No. 523,
Lawyer’s office complex,
William Gopallawa Mawatha,

Micro Loan Management System-

Android application + web application +Bluetooth printer

Technologies used
Android ,Php,Mysql,Html,CSS,JSON, JQuery
Android Studio
PHP Rest web service

Android App
 Customer Registration
 Customer Approval
 Loan request
 Loan Approval
 Loan issue with issuing receipt
 Payment collects with issuing receipt
 Document fee collect with issuing receipt
 Customer Search
 Loan History Search
 Payment history

Web application
 Customer Registration
 Customer Approval
 Customer search
 Loan Request
 Loan Approval
 Loan history
 Payment history
 Document fee history
 Report-Excel
• Customer details
• Loan Details
• Payment collection details
 Expenses and Profit
 Directors and investment management
 Collection officer manage
 Customer images management


  • December 6, 2021